Wrong Is Wrong

When I created the Wrong Is Wrong tee I was angry, sad, confused, frustrated, and disappointed. Time after time we keep seeing black men and women being killed. I originally wanted to design something out of pure anger and just say F*** RACISM or illustrate the black power fist and slap it on a tee but I had to think deeper.

The issues we are seeing go deeper than the killings of POC. There's a divide that runs through our schools, housing, healthcare, economy, and privatized prisons. This system that America is built on is also pitting minorities against each other. It causes us to fight over limited resources within our communities which in turn creates distrust and prejudice within different minority groups.

This design has multiple meanings: being the same under our skin, taking off the American pride, and being so blinded by patriotism you accept racism or ignore it. It also conveys the idea of immigrants coming to "America the beautiful" but realizing there are a lot of flaws. The words "don't be blinded by patriotism" are positioned to symbolize a gravestone to remind us of how many POC have died in this country due to racism and also how we change the narrative, put in the work, and sentence racism to death.