About Ohwell

Jon Ohwell, born Jonathan Kwok, is a UX/UI designer currently residing in Northern Virginia. Since graduating from Old Dominion University (BFA, Concentration in Graphic Design) in 2014 he has been designing websites for different brands such as The North Face, Heidi Klum, Vans, and Timberland. In 2016 he created Ohwell, the name Ohwell was inspired by two different ideas. The first idea came from Eric Arthur Blair (better known by his pen name George "Orwell"), the author of Animal Farm. If you haven't read Animal Farm (SPOILER ALERT) it's an allegorical story about farm animals that felt mistreated so they overthrew the farmers and created their own society. But in the end, they started to mistreat each other and became what they hated the most. The second idea came from the expression "oh well".

This idea formed when I noticed our society has a short attention span on a lot of issues whether it's mass shootings, racism, sexual assault, police brutality or just anything in general. For example, it seems like every few months there's a mass shooting and people mourn, we give our thoughts and prayers, then a week or so goes by and no ones cares anymore. I noticed that this idea is applied to almost everything and I thought how ironic would it be to use this name for a clothing brand because fashion also comes and goes.